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My projects

MVA commercial (spanish)

DMV commercial - spanish version

Marlo TV commercial

Marlo TV Commercial

Marlo TV commercial (4)

Tv commercial for Marlo

"562" Film

562 - Film

  • Carlos Cárdenas - Actor with experience in documentaries, movies, and television

    Born in Guatemala, he immigrated to the USA in 1988. A graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Washington DC, Carlos has participated in multiple short films. His most recent one Spanish Lesson was based in a true event that happened in Utah.


  • Some of the companies Carlos Cardenas has woked for:

    Ledo Pizza, Universidad de Medicina Joe Hopkins , Universidad de medicina de la naval, Museo de Smithsonian del Correo Postal de Estados Unidos, Amtrak , Restaurantes Royals Farms , Marlo Furniture ,D.C United Major League Soccer, History Channel  , Motores y Vehiculos para el Estado de Maryland , Home Depot , Universidad de Medicina de Howard en Washington DC, and many more.

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